Asset Tracking Software

Trac360 Ltd, has developed a GPRS Tracking Management Platform. The User-friendly web-based reporting tool package has been designed to support the Asset Location Tracking and Safeguarding Market.

The Platform supports SME or larger Organisations, whether a current GPS tracking business or a business interested in expanding their offering by including Hosting solutions.

As part of the Security of the Platform, produced at the highest standard and has been specifically written to prevent SQL injection and brute force attack. We aim to bring clarity to;

  • Asset location safeguarding
  • Fleet administration
  • Reducing lost assets
  • Minimising unnecessary administration costs

With multiple features such as;

  • Geo-zone specification
  • History of Assets
  • Map link
  • Exception reports
  • Works in conjunction with various devices
  • SSL certificate

We offer two options;

Option 1; The licensee holds the following requirements and our platform integrates;

  • Server which includes integration with a third party platform - Microsoft SQL Server required.
  • Google API Credentials
  • SMTP server authentication for Auto Email Report

Option 2; We can offer a service whereby we lease server space which will automatically integrate with our platform. our server resides in a GPRS Microsoft data centre.


 1-500 devices501-1000 devices1001-1500 devices
12 monthsCall for priceCall for priceCall for price
24 monthsCall for priceCall for priceCall for price
36 monthsCall for priceCall for priceCall for price
48 monthsCall for priceCall for priceCall for price

** If your requirements are not defined above, please contact us to discuss further.

Development Additions to the Software Platform.

We combine our technical knowledge with our customer friendly approach, so should you require development additions such as bespoke report tools, Trac360 Ltd would be happy to provide a consultation to discuss.

From the consultation, a development worksheet would be created, itemising the additions, the purpose for the additions and a quote based on the time required for the development.