Fleet & Vehicle Management

Why choose the Trac360 Fleet and Vehicle Management Solution?

Trac360 specialises in Vehicle Tracking Solutions. Whether you need help to monitor the safety and behaviour of your drivers, manage the efficiency and effectiveness of your fleet, we will have a solution that fits your business requirements.

Increase Efficiency

Live Tracking
Journey Reports
Driver Behavior
Vehicle utilization

Reduce Operating Costs

Monitor Driver Behavior
Monitor Fuel Usage
Reduce un-authorised Journeys
Better Maintenance Scheduling

Additional Options

Driver ID
Delivery App
Logistics App
Dashboard App
Eco Driving App
Driver Logbook App
i. Drive Safe App
Maintenance App

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Would Personal Vehicle Tracking benefit you?

Vehicle tracking for the individual allows you to adapt all of the benefits of fleet management into your everyday life.

Are you looking to adapt a personal vehicle into a work environment? With our simple and easy to use platform, accurate tracking information is recorded in our customised reports.

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