Fleet & Vehicle Management

Do you need help to Monitor Driver Behaviour, Increase Efficiency and Reduce Operating Costs of your fleet ?

Do you have a personal vehicle also used for business ?

Adapt the benefits of fleet tracking to a personal vehicle by using the accurate tracking data, customised into your own report to identify working hours, mileage, vehicle efficiency.

TRAC360 Ltd, hardwired tracking can also be adapted to support newly qualified drivers. Monitoring vehicle activity can effectively assist driver safety, fuel economy and overall vehicle maintenance.

Car Tracking

Adding TRAC360’s hardwired vehicle tracking to your fleet, offers live tracking updates, by understanding the current movements of your vehicles you can gain a clearer understanding of productivity for the day or perhaps potential delays.

Daily/ Weekly Journey Reports help clarify the accumulated data, easy to read, helps make better decisions for your business, increasing efficiency of the fleet whilst reducing operating costs.

Driver behaviour, looking to better understand how your vehicle is being used? Or want to reduce un-authorised journeys? TRAC360’s detailed activity reports are a quick way to understand the data from the hardwire tracking, means less time spent on admin, more time spent on where its really needed.

Van Tracking
Lorry Tracking

Vehicle tracking can be adapted to provide all the benefits listed above, to an individual’s personal vehicle.

Using your personal vehicle for work? Perhaps you need a simple way to monitor your journey activity to assist in mileage assessment, insurance clarification, payroll. As a parcel courier or salesperson, Tracking makes establishing your “work mileage” easy.

As a New Driver you can review your speed, cornering, breaking and general safety while using the vehicle.

Why choose the Trac360 Fleet and Vehicle Management Solution?

Trac360 specialises in Vehicle Tracking Solutions. Whether you need help to monitor the safety and behaviour of your drivers, manage the efficiency and effectiveness of your fleet, we will have a solution that fits your business requirements.

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