Asset, Plant & Agricultural Tracking

The MyAsset Range of tracking devices have been designed to monitor powered or non-powered assets in various industries. The devices are completely autonomous and require no connection to the asset for power. Assets in the Plant, Agricultural, Commercial industries or Leisure pursuits, where the MyAsset Devices are successful include;

Plant Machinery and resources, benefit from a combination of constant tracking activity as well as the covert tracking options. Monitoring the daily locations, provided by a covert device, can also offer greater insight into the assets productivity. For example confirming usage on-site supporting billing.

Some Handheld tools, shared between the team, which if tracked, could assist in quickly identifying the current user, productivity within the business or confirm requirements for additional assets need. Also consider adding these devices to toolboxes or storage, offering protection for a large number of items.

TRAC360 build innovative packages for added security, with GPS Tracking focus, for Agricultural Vehicles and assets. Recognising the rural aspect of many farming businesses, and specifically their need to carefully manage their assets from Tractors to ATVs; the versatile nature of the GPS Tracking hardware can be adapted for any solution.

Trailers, tend to be a resource which either have consistent daily activity such as a commercial tri-axle curtain-side or are used infrequently, for example, like a livestock-trailer. Whatever the trailer, adding a Device which can assist in confirming location, can offer opportunities to better manage the asset.

Water Bowser Tanks’, can be often left in remote or rural locations, and if stolen, there would be a minimal chance for recovery. A daily location update will provide peace of mind and increase those chances.

TRAC360 has created bespoke solutions for many leisure pursuits such as;

  • Campervan / Caravan
  • Motorcycles / Scooter
  • Drones
  • Boats / Jetski
  • Micro-light / Small Aircraft

In addition, devices can be transferable asset as required;

  • Golf bag/ Luggage
  • Ladders
  • Cooler-box / Storage boxes

The MyAsset Range have several unique design features.

Large battery capacity provides lengthy standby time
Ruggedized casing, for challenging environments

GPS & LBS Positioning, locations are accurately pinpointed
Software compatible, to enhance the success of the data

On the wake up, a device will send either GPS or LBS location update to our servers, and using one of our tracking platforms, you can confidentin yor understanding where your assets are.

Some of TRAC360’s Anti-Theft tips can be found in the PDF below.

View Anti-theft Tips

But the most important tip of all – Install a TRAC360 device!