Pallets & Containers Tracking

TRAC360, has developed a new solution which is dedicated in assisting businesses in monitoring their commercial resources. By applying GPS Hardware, there is no limit to to only identify the fleet within the distribution chain, so any asset lost can be reviewed. Our aim is to support our customers to;

Better monitor their resources and enhance their fleets performance. Minimise lost assets from the supply and distribution chains. Reduce overall costs between admin and the cost of replacing those of the fleet lost.

Resources which are supported by this successful method are;

Pallet fleets, tend to be a resource which has consistent daily activity fulfilling its commercial use. However, they can also be difficult to identify and easily lost to other users. With, multiple sites sharing assets, it can be difficult to analyse productivity and asset losses.

Cages, similar to Pallets are unidentifiable, and can be overlooked in the day to day management of the fleet. Should your business use various models, making sure that the appropriate number of each model available at a site is key to productivity.

Containers have become a versatile resource from haulage to temporary office space. From a haulage aspect, knowing your fleets location enhances your knowledge of potential productivity. If used as a workspace or welfare unit, confirming location can offer evidence during proof of billing.

Commercial Skips are often left in remote or stand alone locations. If stolen, there is a minimal chance for recovery. A simple solution, including a daily location update will provide peace of mind.

TRAC360, offer bespoke asset management solutions, so if your fleet type hasn’t been named, please get in touch and we’d be happy to individualise a solution for you.

TRAC360, has developed a GPRS Tracking Management Platform. The User-friendly web-based reporting tool package has been designed to supply reliable services for the Asset Location Tracking and Safeguarding Market. Some of the beneficial features of the platform include;

Geofencing — Identifying a recognised site
Audit history of asset
Map link - for a more in depth view