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Trac360 are unique, specializing in bespoke vehicle & asset tracking solutions and has been a successful company since 1994, dedicated to delivering the best in independent vehicle and asset tracking.

Passionate about delivering and supporting our clients. Using innovative and intelligent software, the latest GPS hardware, allows each business to adapt to the daily challenges they face. Focusing on fleet management, asset protection and providing analysis of driver behaviour, fuel management as well as accurate OBD CAN BUS readings.

Trac360 has a team of highly creative, technical and marketing specialists actively striving to provide fresh, progressive ideas in bespoke tracking and security solutions nationwide.

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Fleet & Vehicle Management

TRAC360 specialises in Vehicle Tracking Solutions. Whether you need help to monitor the safety and behaviour of your drivers, manage the efficiency and effectiveness of your fleet, we will have a solution that fits your business requirements.

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Asset & Resource Tracking

A small asset tracking unit designed to monitor powered or none powered assets, the unique design and features make it almost impossible to locate once installed. The MYASSET unit is completely autonomous and requires no connection to the asset for power, fully waterproof with a strong magnetic base and tamper alert.

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Plant & Agricultural Tracking

Plant and Machinery Trackers ensure you can fully protect your asset, and assist the police during recovery.

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